Weaving the T-shirt Chair

Weaving the T-shirt Chair

Every year, in February, the Scandinavian design world is reunited under one roof at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. And every year design studio Green Furniture organizes the Green Furniture Award, a design competition celebrating Outstanding Sustainable Design.

Last February the Green Furniture Award saw the first prize going to a beautiful young lady, Swedish designer Maria Westerberg with a stunning and colourful chair: the T-shirt Chair.

Forty friends gave their loved and worn t-shirts to Maria who weaved them one by one into a wired structured chair to visually form a symphony of colors and personal stories.

The original design is now the inspiration behind the T-shirt Chair Rag Edition. Some of you might have seen it at our event Ecopink during the London Design Festival. The T-shirt Chair Rag Edition is manufactured in Sweden using left-over fabrics from a local upholsterer.

If you want something really unique, you can get the frame and start weaving and creating your personal T-shirt Chair with your old clothes, curtains, jeans, any fabric really. You will need at least 40 pieces of around 40x100cm…and you can WATCH THE VIDEO NOW

Good weaving!!!

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