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Can product design meet music?  The Batucada Collection by Bruno Jahara might answers our question.

Brunno Jahara is a product designer born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After studying at the University of Brasilia and the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, Jahara was selected to be part of Fabrica’s Design Department under the guidance of Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. At Fabrica, Jahara worked for several international clients and developed his personal collection.

I love the colours and the unique imperfections of the Batucada Collection. In Brazilian Portuguese batucada stands for a percussion beat used in carnival parties. In Brazil, people play instruments made of tins, aluminum pots, and other alternative materials.Vases, hanging lamps, and trays in different sizes and colours. They are all made of 100% aluminum, anodized in shades of green, blue, grey, purple, red and a golden yellow. In Brazil, 98% of the aluminum produced is recycled, making it one of the first countries in the world rank of recycling of aluminum. This is chiefly due to a large network of catadores(people who search the trash for recyclable materials). It is cheaper to produce a ton of recycled aluminum then to produce the same amount of new aluminum.

Batucada is a collection of objects hammered and anodised that create a special sort of liquid feel to metal. Not only this Jahara collection is inspired by music. The hammering process these vases, lamps and plates are created with, is a musical one and the rhythm generates and leaves a physical mark to each unique piece. And if you look closer, it looks like they are all dancing at the beat of the Brazilian carnival.