Talent Garden: sustainable co-working space

Talent Garden: sustainable co-working space

Sustainable furniture for a new creative space to nurture young entrepreneurs.

A co-working space, a hub for young businesses and free-lancers to work together, to cooperate and exchange skills. This is Talent Garden, a fantastic open-space in the town of Brescia (Italy), an inspiring place boosting with sustainable furniture and natural materials.

Talent Garden

ArtStudio, the design team in charge of creating this design office space, started the project focusing on the same name of the client company Talent Garden.  A place to grow, a natural and harmonic environment where  people can share, exchange and “contaminate” each other. “Choosing sustainable design furniture pieces was a natural choice.”, says Elio Ragnoli, owner of ArtStudio.

The white open-space has been cleverly enriched with cardboard desks and shelves; the social areas have been furnished with cardboard chaise-longues and eco-armchairs made out of  a paper and recycled PET. The lighting are made out of re-purposed old cans as well as natural and soft Japanese paper.

Sustainable and recycled, re-purposed furniture, natural materials for a modern design space where creative minds will be definitely more inspired to develop further.

 E-Side offers a great selection of cardboard furniture, cardboard benches, cardboard shelves, Made in Italy. Custom-made service for office space available. Please contact customercare@e-side.co.uk 

Talent Garden Brescia http://www.talentgarden.it –

ArtStudio, artstudio.design@libero.it