Sustainable Furniture for an Ethical Bank: Triodos Bank

Sustainable Furniture for an Ethical Bank: Triodos Bank

What happens when sustainable design meets the world of finance

Triodos Bank is an ethical bank. They finance organisations from organic food and farming businesses and pioneering renewable energy enterprises, to recycling companies and nature conservation projects.

RD Legs Chair_Codha Design

Based in Bristol (UK), when it came to create from scratch their new offices they thought their new “home” should reflect their ethos and what they do, supporting ethical and environmentally-focus businesses. They decided to stick to their values and moved into the same building as the Environment Agency’s national headquarters, one of the most sustainable development in the UK.

With regards to interior design, they questioned designers and manufacturers, and had many interesting dilemmas and intense discussions on which furniture and interior elements should be allowed into their premises.

And here is the fascinating result. A bank full of the best examples of eco design, sustainable furniture, iconic design like the RD Legs Chair by Codha Design, handwoven in 100% recycled plastic. And the colorful T-Shirt Chair Rag Edition by Maria Westerberg for Green Furniture Sweden, a metal frame woven with fabric leftovers, coming from the upholstery  industry. These two great examples of sustainable, innovative and modern furniture had been selected and given a great position right in the entrance hall.

The new sustainable office of Triodos Bank in Bristol is different from what you might expect from a bank’s head office, but they are different in what they do!

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