Block Chair: Sustainable Restaurant Chair

Block Chair: Sustainable Restaurant Chair

Green Furniture Sweden, manufacturer of sustainable and low toxic contract furniture, has recently developed and launched a new restaurant chair made out of recycled wood.

Block Chair Restaurant Chair

Block Chair Eco Friendly Restaurant Chair

The new dining chair called Block Chair is designed by one of Sweden’s best-selling furniture designers Bror Boije, who has previously collaborated with important brands such as C&B Italia, DUX, EFG, Horreds, Lappset, Swedese, etc.

The new collaboration between Green Furniture Sweden and designer Bror Boije has revealed an eco friendly modern chair made out of leftovers wood from floor manufacturer Kährs. The upcycled chair comes from FSC wood waste, mainly Swedish oak, carefully sorted and crafted and traditionally assembled with all natural glue and treated with natural oils.

Block Chair by Bror Boije for Green Furniture Sweden, upcycled, recycled wooden restaurant chair.

Block Chair by Bror Boije for Green Furniture Sweden, upcycled, recycled wooden restaurant chair.

The all natural, eco friendly restaurant chair has been developed with and conceived for award winning Raw Food House in Malmö, Sweden. This raw food restaurant of exceptionally quality food (tested personally!) is the first restaurant to have chosen Block Chairs.

The founder and restaurant manager Linda Nilsson says: “Our philosophy is to use only the best organic ingredients, never artificial additives – pure authentic and fresh food. Block Chair matches our ethos with a pure authentic, fresh chair design”.

The demand for quality sustainable interiors which matches the quality and natural food served has been satisfied with the development of the Block Chair by Green Furniture Sweden. The chair not only is a good example of upcycled, low toxic, sustainable furniture. The practical side has been taken as well into consideration. The wooden chair is easy to handle with a moderate weight of 6.3 kg and it`s stackable so space saving.

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