Leaf Lamp Tree at University of Copenhagen

Indoor Space Design: University of Copenhagen

“Bring the outdoor in” is becoming a motto for interior designers working on commercial projects and designing indoor spaces. A few years ago we started to see green live walls popping up in restaurants, offices and public spaces. The outdoor-indoor revolution continues with real trees becoming part of our indoor spaces.

Interior Design Idea for Public Spaces

The magnificent Human Science Faculty of University of Copenhagen has been recently upgraded and modernized. Together with the introduction of modern Danish furniture by Hay, we can now admire in the main hall seven Leaf Lamp Trees with real birch tree trunks. 

Winner of the Green Furniture Award, the Leaf Lamp by Peter Schumacher was originally conceived as a floor lamp mostly for residential projects, with a birch stand and felt foliage. Under the wings of Green Furniture Sweden the concept has evolved into a surprising real tree trunk design lighting for indoor.

Leaf Lamp Tree

Perfect for public places like shopping malls, offices, airports, the Leaf Lamp Tree which matches in both shape and size the real trees – starts at 2,5-3 meter height and the foliage spans from 1,3 up to 3 meters. The Leaf Lamp Tree stands is supported to the ground with a robust foot (optional) made of a rusted steel tube with a 70 cm ground plate for bolting to the floor. For locations which do not allow bolting in the floor, there is also an optional 160 cm ground plate which makes the tree securely freestanding.

The labyrinth of trees for the University of Copenhagen is made out of 3500 felt leaves (126 sq meters) and with a height of 4,5 meters these Leaf Lamp Trees are a real impact pushing our sight up to the high ceiling. The felted leaves of the Leaf Lamp Tree work as well as an acoustic device – A-class sound absorbent – and are of low maintenance compared to real trees.

Leaf Lamp Tree at University of Copenhagen

Leaf Lamp Tree

Leaf Lamp Tree, Commercial Project

Building: Arkitema Architects / Interiors Hou+Partnere Arkitekter 

Leaf Lamp Trees by Green Furniture Sweden – available in UK via E-Side, Exclusive partner of Green Furniture Sweden.

Copenhague Chairs by Hay (designed by Bouroullec Brothers) named after this project.