Green Furniture Award 2012 – The Video!

Green Furniture Award 2012 – The Video!

During the Stockholm Furniture Fair, the Green Furniture Award celebrates young eco designers from around the world. Organized by Swedish design studio Johan Berhin, this year the jury received lots of exceptional works. And the good news is that soon most of the design submitted will go into production and be available on our concept store later in the year.


1st Prize, ‘Jar Lamp’, design Jan Lampei, Germany/Sweden – Recycled jars and lids and natural materials, unique shapes, small package

The Green Furniture Award jury: ‘Jar Lamp’ uses recycled jam jars with their lids in a refinedly designed and iconic way. Inspired by an orchid, based on simple repeated elements of massive oiled oak, the designer Jan Lampei has made a hanging lamp full of life and expression. The lamp can be configured in personal shapes and ships folded into a small package – no assembly required, only tightening of a few screws to set the hanging shape.

2nd price, ‘A-Board‘ shelf, design Tomás Schön, Argentina/Italy – Material efficient, one piece construction, eco labelled material, poetic movement

The Green Furniture Award jury: The ‘A-Board’ shelf consists of a flat laser cut eco labeled board and a textile string, nothing else. By literally pulling the string it folds out to a slightly bent shape with six shelves an unexpected and poetic movement that makes you want do it again and again… ‘A-board’ stands leaning to the wall with no need of screws, and every shelf elegantly touches the wall (impressive calculations!). It uses the laser technique to shape well-functioning, beautiful and well contrasted bending hinges that clearly communicates it folding function and flat one-piece origin.

3rd price, ‘Hangaround House’ rack, design Silvia Rottenberger, Germany  – Local recycled wood, unique pieces, emotional

The Green Furniture Award jury: The ’Hangaround House’ rack is a playful design based on waste mixed woods from the flooring industry. The tree trunk becomes a clothes rack, the bird house becomes a storage place for pocket items (making you open it carefully not to disturb the bird). One bird house with trunk can be attached to the wall, three houses can be combined and attached together to a freestanding bird colony.