Cardboard Design: Installation at Louvre Lens

Cardboard Design: Installation at Louvre Lens

Etruscans Like Cardboard

We have written before about cardboard furniture and cardboard installations for temporary exhibitions, but still this sturdy and recyclable material surprises us.

One of the latest temporary installations by Italian design studio A4Adesign is a cardboard reproduction of the City of Cerveteri, a cardboard installation for the Louvre Lens museum in France.

One hundred and twenty fire-resistant cardboard panels and five cubic metres of material were used to reconstruct an Etruscan tomb which is 3.4 metres high and 7 metres in diameter, and doubles as a media arena. Next to it, a temple which is 3.15 metres tall and 3 metres wide.

A4Adesign, specialized in cardboard installations and cardboard furniture,  in collaboration with BonD has re-created The City of Cerveteri using recycled cardboard. The sturdy and yet light material is the right choice for a flexible solution. Have a look and get some inspiration for your next retail installation and retail design.

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Cardboard Media Area Etruscans LouvreLens


Etruscans Louvre_Lens_04



Etruscans Louvre_Lens_06


The city of Cerveteri
5 December 2013 to 10 March 2014
Temporary Exhibition Gallery
Louvre-Lens, France