Cardboard Furniture for a Fashion Store

Cardboard Furniture for a Fashion Store

Cardboard Installation for Fashion Boutique Kiton – Eco friendly Retail Design

Fashion boutique Kiton in Milan has chosen Italian company A4Adesign to dress up its windows and showroom.


The cardboard installation emphasizes the view of the nearby historical buildings. Selected materials and flexible solutions allow for different configurations. The distinguishing element is a cardboard platform of 150 x 150 cm equipped with a raised level also in cardboard finished with shiny Plexiglas tops in White, Black and Mirror.


Cardboard is not only eco-friendly as it is recycled and recyclable, but also useful and, as a result, logical, when adopted for projects that have a specific functional objective.
And it is value for money, because, not only does the finished product cost less than similar products made from other materials, but the entire installation process is better value, from the assembly stage, which can be easily handled even by anyone without specific skills, to its disposal.

The low costs involved with this material mean flexibility, as it makes it easier to change an image and therefore adapt to marketing campaigns and collaterals.




A4Adesign has always recognized cardboard’s aesthetic quality and does not try to make it look like something it is not, or hide it. All projects show cardboard for what it is aesthetically.

And it can be paired with other materials. A4ADesign in-depth knowledge of the material brings added value to our experience and our capacity to associate and work with other materials – metal, methacrylic, glass and wood – alongside cardboard.   

E-Side is partner with A4ADesign. For any specific, custom-made solutions, do not hesitate to contact  E-Side works with the best Italian cardboard furniture manufacturers. For more cardboard furniture solutions visit here

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