Leaf Lamp by Peter Schumacher for Green Furniture Sweden

Acoustic and Lighting in Commercial Spaces

Ambience of space is determined by more than just composition and carefully selected trappings. Light and acoustics play an essential role in commercial interior design that can significantly make or break the dynamics of an environment.

Sparsely furnished spaces for example produce harsher, crisper acoustics suited to galleries or more bustling environments whilst cosier dwellings seem to cushion and diffuse noise.

Overall, both acoustics and light tangibly adds to our sensory experience of a space and naturally evokes from within us an emotive response to the surrounding environment. It can determine how loud we speak, how fast we eat, how energetically we interact with one another, and how at ease we may feel.

Creating spatial harmony through acoustics and light needn’t require a compete overhaul of an interior’s fundamental design. There are many clever ways in which to foster a beautiful and comfortable environment in commercial spaces via the installation of design-led pieces that use materials to harness or refine sound and vision to subtle yet stunning effect.

Leaf Lamp by Peter Schumacher for Green Furniture Sweden

Swedish designer Peter Schumacher’s tree-inspired Leaf and Pendant Lamp for Green Furniture Sweden is a good example of this principle at work. The piece floods its surroundings with a beautiful soft white light reminiscent of bright sunny mornings. A practical, useful yet arty interpretation of nature’s beauty, the ‘trunk’ of the floor-standing lamp is carved from sustainably sourced birch while the ‘shade’ compromises a lush array of soft unbleached starched wool leaves. This flourishing foliage is, in fact, an excellent sound absorber, softening a room’s echo to create an acoustically ‘peaceful’ ambience that complements the natural warm toned light emitted via its LED bulbs.

Leaf Lamp Pendant by Peter Schumacher for Green Furniture Sweden - The Store fashion store Milan

Schumacher’s Leaf and Pendant Lamp is perfect for creating a unique, visually striking focal point within commercial interior design – particularly within restaurants, hotel lounges, offices spaces or even shopping mall – whilst softening a room’s acoustics for an ultimately elegant and relaxing living space. 

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