A New Era of Waiting Rooms

A New Era of Waiting Rooms

Stockholm Central Station Goes Green with a full of life waiting room.

Stockholm Central Station is the largest railway station in Sweden. The station is situated in the district of Norrmalm at Vasagatan/Central Plan. It opened in 1871 and today serves over 200,000 visitors daily.

Jernhusen, the company behind the Swedish railway stations, have started a new era of waiting lounges. The focus is to provide a place to sit as well as to give commuters a positive waiting experience.

This waiting lounge at the top floor of the central station in Stockholm is one of the first examples of this change.  And what a great feeling we get from the tactile, natural, vertical garden wall, full of life and refreshing. Forget the dirty (and smelly) upholstery benches of train stations and waiting rooms. The wooden bench Nova C with  its serpentine shape helps the eye to enjoy in full the room and its natural feeling. The different shades of wood, birch, walnut, oak, are a stylish solution as well as a practical one. In case one streep of wood is damaged, you do not need to replace the whole bench or to try to match the other streeps. Just replace the one in need with a different finish and still maintain the look.  The use of low-emission glues, and natural oil finishes for the wood means Nova C Bench is a low-toxic choice as well as an elegant one.

Nova C Bench

Nova C Wooden Bench

Nova C Bench Stockholm Central Station2

nova c bench detail

Many large companies are now, openly or more subconsciously, communicating their “good”, “green” brand values through what their customers sees at their facilities. A stylish sustainable interior, full of life and natural materials is definitely an effective “business card” as well as providing a healthy environment…and we all know that when you feel good, life is much easier, even if you have a few hours commuting to get back home!

Architect Fanny Stenberg, Wester+Elsner Architects

Wooden Benches Nova C by Green Furniture Sweden

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