Milo: such a waste!

Milo: such a waste!

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There’s a guy in London who is re-shaping the world of custom carpentry and at the same time doing something for our planet. Tristan Titeux is a Belgiam guy who owns the successful Custom Carpentry making contemporary bespoke fitted furniture.

The good thing about Tristan is that he is a research-minded entrepreneur and a very ambitious guy with a mission: to find the best ecological materials ever. So he goes around the world, speaks to like-minded business owners who are experimenting with the material world. You can have a look at his blog to meet some other interesting people like Marco Cassin who creates veneer from a waste by product of the Organic banana industry.

Anyway, in April 2011 Tristan Titeux decided to “get rid” of all the wood waste from his company in an ecological way. Looking at all the offcuts and small pieces of wood around him, he designed and launched the Milo™ series and his first piece is a small coffee table called after his youngest son.

Milo is a cubic shape coffee table which can be used as well as a bedside table made from re-cut wood. Each Milo is totally unique because, using Tristan Titeux`s words “I let the material dictate the look, rather than the other way around”. The order of materials you see are always different depending on what materials they have in their workshop.

Milo is more than a well designed, good quality small table. It’s about starting a discussion about our resources, our waste, our everyday goods, what we buy and what we throw away. Tristan Titeux with his Milo™ series is a good example of Cradle to Cradle, where waste becomes a new resource. Tristan has of course highlighted a problem but most importantly he has found a solution. Well done Tristan!


For more products made with wood-waste, have a look at Blockshelf by British designer Amy Hunting, a shelf made from offcuts from the wood floor industry.

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