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100 Cardboard Bookshelves for 30000 Books

Cardboard furniture for a public library

A public library and a cultural center right next to the busy commuting train station of  Chivasso (Italy) has chosen to go green with a selection of sturdy cardboard furniture.

100 cardboard bookshelvesbig cardboard tables and many cardboard benches and decorations are now furnishing the public spaces of this library who wants to be a cultural center, a place to relax, play (children area), study (silence room), right in the middle of the chaotic train station. Not only the library will be open to citizens. Commuters travelling and waiting for the next train to catch can enjoy the silence of the reading room, watch a video in the mini-cinema area or just surf the web.

All cardboard furniture has been designed by A4ADesign in collaboration with Area Progetti. Since 2002 A4ADesign creates and produces accessories and furniture in honeycombed cardboard; designs and manufactures stage settings, installations for exhibitions and commercial spaces, catering and recreational areas for adults and children, all made in recycled, recyclable cardboard.

The choice of cardboard is a green choice as well as a flexible choice. As architect Raffaella Magnano says “The cardboard tables and chairs in the reading area are light to move around and easy to disassemble, a flexible solution and in a few minutes you can transform the space in a meeting zone for seminars.”


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Credits: images Valentina Esposito