Recycled Design at Milan Design Week

Recycled Design at Milan Design Week

During Milan Design Week, E-Side team went all around the fashionable Italian town in search for the best sustainable design pieces and found some interesting, practical recycled products to ease the life of local communities as well as well as reduce our landfills.

Milan Design Week with Salone del Mobile, Fuorisalone, Zona Tortona, Ventura Lambrate and lots of other locations, is the must-go Design Week for brands and designers to launch their latest designs. It is also a great platform for young, recently graduated talents and a place where collaborations between designers and manufacturers from all over the world start. The outcome is some of the best design pieces.

E-Side, the only online concept store dedicated to sustainable design spotted some interesting design pieces. Our Best Picks of Recycled Design from Milan Design Week are…

How to turn waste into practical, functional products: Recycled Design at Milan Design Week.

Collecting (plastic bags), washing, cutting and trocheting, how to recycle plastic bags into soft bean bags, Fuorisalone 2014

Collecting (plastic bags), washing, cutting and “trocheting”: a combination of the words “trash” and “crochet”. These bean bags or large floor cushions are handmade by women in Saudi Arabia, using used plastic bags. Weaving plastic bags is an upcoming trend especially in the fashion sector and it was our first time to see this technique applied to soft furnishing.  Trochet, Saudi Arabia

Toiture Fabbrica del Vapore 2014

Toiture, this colorful surface is made of hundreds of slippers soles found in landfills! The soles are washed and then cut and assembled without any additional material. The surface can be used as a shelter from the rain or from the African sun. A functional design idea to reduce our landfills by Christophe Machet, in collaboration with Maurice Nagalo, Fabbrica del Vapore 2014

Low Cost Playground Fabbrica del Vapore 2014

At first we thought it was just a playground, then we looked closely…Italian trash containers turned into playhouses, Bins turned into play tunnels. This playground not only provides fun for our kids, it`s a Low Cost Playground and recycled/upcycled discarded materials. By, Fabbrica del Vapore 2014

Coque en pâte

A fascinating, earthy chair and pendant lights made with a 100% natural, safe and biodegradable composite material, locally sourced from naturally occurring components such as sap, root, bark, shells and leaves. It includes a light weight core made of a peanut shell ground and is reinforced by a natural fiber similar to linen. The  result is a safer and cheaper alternative to other construction materials typically available in the African countries. By designer Christophe Machet, in collaboration with local designer and entrepreneur Maurice Nagalo

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