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I am Italian and after working for a few years in the fashion industry, I quit to pursue my first love – interior design.

My interest in natural materials came from my specific involvement in organic apparel, and so I started to explore how we could integrate natural, earth-friendly and low toxic materials into everyday household objects and furnishings.

E-Side www.e-side.co.uk  as soon founded in 2010; a direct response to what I perceived to be as an inherent lack of stylish, quality, sustainably designed products available on both the high street and online.

Intent on shaking up the general image of eco-design, commonly deemed as staid, utilitarian and hippy, E-Side aims to show how aesthetics and ethics can be combined to create irresistible, modern and yet durable pieces suitable of any contemporary home or commercial space.

I like to work with young designers and always on the look for unique, well-thought gifts.

I am a contributor editor for Inhabitat.com and you can read my articles here

Alessia Civettini


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  1. Sara Norrman
    Sara Norrman April 21, 2013 at 10:17 am · Reply

    I edit hemmamagazine.co.uk, a Swedish journalist living in London. Saw this blog and got very interested, but can’t find much info – are you Swedish?
    Drop me a line if you fancy a chat

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