Green Furniture Award 2014: The Finalists

Green Furniture Award 2014: The Finalists

The Green Furniture Award promotes sustainable design and young designers.

What is Sustainable Design? The choice of material, the production methods, the efficient use of materials, the way of disassembling and recycling, social responsibility, etc. Sustainable Design also means a piece of furniture with a story to tell, to keep and treasure, that can last beyond current trends, and have the potential of becoming a classic.

Green Furniture Award Background

In 2008 Swedish designer Johan Berhin decided to make a difference in the world of ecodesign.  He created and promoted a competition, the Green Furniture Award, with the mission to find  and manufacture the best eco design furniture ideas. The competition has become a world event, unique in its genre, and Johan Berhin`s design studio Green Furniture Sweden has enriched its furniture collection with the awarded designs while promoting young designer.
Past winners of the Green Furniture Award include: Leaf Lamp (2010), BlockShelf (2010), T-shirt Chair (2011), all available from innovative sustainable concept store E-Side.

Green Furniture Award 2014 Finalists 

The finalists of the Green Furniture Award 2014 have been presented during Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014. The award ceremony and the winner will be announced next 11 April at 7pm at Cappellini Showroom in Milan, during Milano Design Week 2014. The young designers to watch are:


‘Hardened Leather Chair’ by designer Nikolaj Steenfatt
Hardened Leather Chair is a unique modern chair made using an old technique, 100% natural, for hardening leather. The technique has been used for corsets and armours long before the introduction of man-made chemicals. In this occasion the old technique serves as self-supported upholstery. The classic shape of the chair, commonly seen in plastic, gets a natural, living and unique materiality.

sofia_chinita_karin_pereira_sleep_tight2‘Sleep Tight’ cradle by designers Sofia Chinita and Karin Pereira
A simply poetic design, Sleep Tight cradle is a newborn coat made entirely of natural pressed cork. The use of cork in new applications other than wine stoppers, is a way of preserving the cork woods and handcraft while the wine industry is turning to plastic and aluminum.


‘Confession’ little conference room by Nick Ross
An extremely space efficient meeting room for two people, something very sought after within modern open plan offices.


‘MYX’ lamp by designer Jonas Edvard
Can furniture have an eco-positive footprint? MYX lamp – is a eat-able pendant light made from Oyster mushrooms left growing on an hemp fibre structure. After the first mushrooms harvest, enough for a good dinner, the rest can be shaped into a lightweight, all natural material with a “good” story to tell.


‘Lin’ tables by designer Leila Atlassi
Lin tables are simply made of rolled together pieces of linoleum nicely edged with a large seam. The concept puts light on linoleum as a sustainable alternative, in a segment where otherwise many hazardous chemicals are used, and the tables get a very durable surface.


The award ceremony and the winner of Green Furniture Award 2014 will be announced next 11 April at 7pm at Cappellini Showroom in Milan, during the Milano Design Week 2014.