Graypants Design Lighting for a Temporary Showroom

Graypants Design Lighting for a Temporary Showroom

A real estate agency – Ziegert Immobilien – has launched a temporary showroom in Berlin as an innovative platform to show and sell a range of new apartments.

Raw, rough and edgy – “A Space” is located in Berlin Mitte and has been designed by Berlin based architecture and interior design studio Plajer & Franz.

We love the contrast between the industrial rough building and the elegant elements. A great idea to copy for a commercial as well as a residential space is the pallet sofa enriched by large leather cushions.

The stunning Graypants Scraplight pendants flowing down the high ceiling are an amazing focal point.

It`s interesting how the studio has been able to use and optimize the full ampleur of this space in its height and its length so no corner is left  empty.

Temporary Space Berlin 1

Temporary Space Berlin 3

Temporary Space Berlin 2

Temporary Space Berlin 4

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