Four Brothers Chair Project

Four Brothers: No Waste Furniture

No Waste Furniture, how to create a design chair with no waste

“Think, think, think” utters Winnie the Pooh facing a puzzling problem. How can we design and create a piece of furniture without waste? “Think, think, think” said Seungji Mun, the young product designer from South Korea behind “Four Brothers” an experimental project to mass produce a reliable, comfortable design chair without production waste.

Four designs, four chairs, very similar to each other like brothers and one “mother” , a single regular wooden sheet of 2400×1200. From one wooden plate, the designer managed to create four chairs without compromising on functionality and comfort.

“The production process uses conventional techniques and could even reduce labor cost by CNC (computer numerical control)” says designer Seungji Mun.

Four Brothers is a project thought for the hospitality sector, public spaces, schools, communities. Four Brothers is a design project for mass production, where costs are important. But this is not like any other mass production.

Mass production generally means standardized products, one product copied again and again.  What we have here is four unique design chairs, four appealing stylish chairs, probably affordable and most of all eco-friendly because made without waste.  Four Brothers are a unique example of no waste furniture.

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