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Sustainable Design, Cardboard Furniture at Design Junction 2014

E-Side, the UK’s definitive online destination retailer for innovative, modern sustainable designed furniture for the luxury and commercial space is proud to announce its collaboration with Italian architect Giorgio Caporaso at London’s upcoming Design Junction event on 18 – 21 September 2014  (stand F75) at 21-23 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1BA.

UK’s destination retailer for modern eco design teams up with Italian architect to showcase innovative sustainable cardboard furniture for the luxury and commercial space

X2 Chair

X2 Chair, Sustainable Design, Cardboard Furniture

The annual exhibition, which brings together some of the most exciting design talent from all over the world, will see E-Side and Caporaso present the outstanding Lessmore range – a collection of sinuous iconic modular pieces that showcase contemporary luxury sustainable design at its best.

The collection is identifiably Caporaso’s signature work, which demonstrates his love affair with marrying cardboard with natural materials like wood, stone and lichens – materials he combines to create a curious exploration of visual and tactile textures.

While Caporaso’s Lessmore designs demonstrate how these unusual blends of natural materials can work in aesthetic harmony with one another, the simple structural makeup of his work allows elements to be easily and deliberately deconstructed and removed – whether for repairing, recycling or to change the ‘skin’ of the furniture to follow mood or the latest design trend.

Iconic pieces from the collection that will be presented at Design Junction include the X2 chaise longue chair (pictured above). Crafted entirely from 100% cardboard and FSC wood, the design is defined by a continuum of smooth clean lines. With removable external side panels, the chaise longue has interchangeable finishes of teak, oak so its overall look can be changed to various visually striking effects. It also uses just half the material required to make a similar chair from other less sustainable sources. With an uncompromisingly strong structure, the piece can equally be flipped over and used as a high-backed chair, and its large inbuilt holes can be used for storage if desired.  The X2 chair that will be exhibited has been done in a trendy wood whitewashed finish (the external panel).

More Bench

More Bench, Sustainable Design, Cardboard Furniture

Cleans lines and tactile surfaces come to play again with Caporaso’s More Bench. Honeycombed, corrugated cardboard contrasts with hard, sleek, polished wood culminating in a deeply modern yet elegant finish, while the More Plus Desk follows the same aesthetic – cardboard flanked by smooth panelling – but is finished off with a clear glass top surface, making this a simple, modern, practical piece for the creative workspace. Both are exclusively launching in the UK with E-Side and will be showcased at Design Junction.

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More Light Shelving, Sustainable Design, Cardboard Furniture

Alessia Civettini, founder and design hunter of luxury eco and sustainable furnishings retailer E-Side comments: “Rejuvenating the image of eco and sustainable design from its ‘hippy’ affiliations is an ongoing process, but with designers like Caporaso at the helm of this quiet revolution, humble materials like cardboard are fast becoming an important element in iconic and luxurious modern furniture design. Cardboard in fact is becoming the new cashmere. As well as its very unusual and unique aesthetic, such sustainably made and ‘low toxic’ eco designs are becoming the choice of a lot of forward-thinking companies and brands who want eye-catching, standout pieces that have the look, the green credentials and the versatility.”

All of Caparoso’s Lessmore featured designs are available to buy at E-Side’s online store. It forms part of a wider selection of carefully curated furnishings that are individually handpicked for its aesthetic qualities as much as for its sustainable values. Visit for more information or contact Alessia Civettini at, Tel: +44 (0)1494 61 60 80 for a quote.